Within walking distance


Sevkets Restaurant

This is a little Family-run restaurant on the main Lapta to Kyrenia road. Sevket serves fresh traditional Turkish Cypriot food such as Kleftiko, Shish kebabs, chicken and lamb dishes, fresh salads as well as vegetarian casseroles.  For some dishes such as Mousaka and Kleftiko you’ll need to give 5 hours notice – just pop in to the restuarant and order it in the morning or by lunchtime, it’s really worth it. 

Olive Press

The Olive Press

The Olive Press Bowling Green and Restaurant

This is a new bowling green and restaurant,  just a few metres from our site.  Turn right out of the Pines and head back up to the road – instead of turning left to go to JK’s, turn right and you’ll see the Olive Press just ahead of you on the left. We’ve heard the food here is good, with a choice of lasagne, lamb, chicken and curry dishes.  If you’re in the mood you can also play a bit of bowls – the green is open for non-members too.

Silver Rocks

Silver Rocks is a popular venue within a 15 minute walking distance of the apartments.  It’s a lovely location, overlooking the sea, plus there’s a bar area as well as soft sofas for relaxing after your meal. It’s open for lunch as well as evenings (lunchtimes you can use the pool or use their small jetty to get into the sea). Good choice of menu from chicken and lamb dishes to fish and mezzes. Make sure you book on a Friday and Saturday as it tends to get quite full during the summer season.

JK’s Bar

JK’s Bar screens most of the popular sporting events so is a great place to head for if you want to catch up on your sport!  It also serves food and has an outdoor play area for young children.

Sempati Hotel

Within walking distance of the Pines you’ll find the Sempati Hotel.  It’s open to non-residents for drinks or food and often holds regular barbeque evenings.