Useful info

This page is intended as a useful guide for visitors/guests of The Pines.

Getting Here

Although you can’t fly directly into North Cyprus, it’s still really easy to get here. You can either fly direct to the South (Larnaca) and taking a taxi over the border (transfer takes around 1hr 15 mins) or fly into the North (Ercan) via Turkey.

Larnaca. This is the nearest airport in the South to fly for the quickest transfer to the North and by shopping around you may be able to get some good prices.  Scheduled airline choices include BA, EasyJet, Cyprus Airways, Monarch, FlyThomasCook, Aegean Airlines and Thomson Flights.  Charter flights are also available.  Flights to Paphos are another option but the taxi transfer to the North is a lot longer (around 3 hours) and more expensive.

Ercan. You can’t fly direct to Ercan but airlines such as Pegasus, Atlas Global and Turkish Airways will touch down in Turkey before flying onto Ercan.  Sometimes they take on passengers at Turkish airports so the time on the ground can take an hour or so.  Taxi transfers from Ercan to the Pines take about 45 minutes.

Getting Around

The Pines apartments are located on Kamelya Sokak, Lapta which is about 10km west of Kyrenia (also known as Girne).  If you’re ever lost, head for Ozzie’s Place (previously called JK’s Bar) or The Sempati Hotel, both of  which are very close by.

It’s not a bustling or very busy area but there are restaurants and hotels within walking distance.  Alternatively you can catch a local dolmus, by flagging it down on the main road.  These buses look like white vans but are very cheap and run frequently into Kyrenia.

Driving in North Cyprus

Spot the speed camera!

Driving is on the left hand side of the road in North Cyprus, the same as the UK, and the main roads are generally well kept.  It’s really worth hiring a car to see as much of the North as you can and driving standards have improved greatly since the introduction of numerous speed cameras.  Speed limits as a guideline are 65 km per hour on main roads and 75km on dual carriageways. Through built up areas the limit drops to 50km. Speed cameras are not that easy to spot and fines are quite hefty – so beware!

Car Hire

Cyprus Pines Car Hire

There are many car hire companies in North Cyprus, some better than others.  We recommend Cyprus Pines Car Rental – despite the name it’s nothing to do with our site! It’s a family owned business, run by Yakup and he supplies well kept, clean cars at a competitive rate for Pines owners/guests.  Visit his website at or email [email protected] All hire charges include CDW (collision damage waiver) and insurance. Payment is made when the car is dropped off at your apartment and you can either pay in sterling, local currency or by credit/debit card. (Please note cars hired in the North cannot be taken over the border into the South)

Airport Taxi Transfers

The view from Kervan restaurant

If you need transfers from either Ercan or Larnaca airport, and are hiring a car, your car hire company will arrange transfer for you.  Ercan transfers are usually free as your hire car can be left at the airport for you to collect and drive away. 

Alternatively if you would like taxi transfer only without booking car hire, visit where you can book your taxi online for either Ercan or Larnaca.


Having fun in the pool

Water cuts during the summer are possible, but you shouldn’t run out of water as each apartment has its own 2 tonne tank. If you do find you run out of water, your apartment manager should be able to organise a top-up of your tank or alternatively call the local supplier info for which is usually found on the water tank or inside the ground floor hall cupboard.

Occasionally we get power cuts so make sure you know where the torch/candles are in your apartment.  Electricity is very expensive so please never leave your air conditioning unit on when you are out.  The apartments cool down very quickly when the a/c is switched on, so leaving it on to “cool the place” when you’re out is not necessary.

The Pool

The pool at night

The Pines swimming pool is lit until around midnight, which means you can use the pool after dark if you wish. Obviously the pool doesn’t have a life guard and so is used at your own risk.

To maintain the cleanliness of the pool, we have a regular maintenance service where the pool water is tested, chlorinated and/or filled with fresh water when the levels drop.  During these times, especially when fresh chlorine is added, you may be asked to avoid using the pool for an hour or so.


The Money Exchange Shop

The currency in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira or TL. You should get a better rate of exchange by taking British Pounds with you and exchanging them in one of the many exchange shops or banks in North Cyprus.

Rates of exchange will fluctuate daily and the rate comparison on this site may be useful as an indicator of what rate you could get. You can also withdraw cash from any of the bank ATM’s and most will give you a choice of Sterling or TL cash withdrawal.

Supermarkets and Shopping

There are several small supermarkets located near The Pines.  There is also another larger supermarket called Starlings a few minutes drive away.  Turn left when you get onto the main Lapta – Girne road and follow this road for about 2 miles.  Starlings is on your left and you can’t miss it.  

Right next door to Flippers Hotel is a little store which sells fresh bread and other items.  The guy who works there is also knowledgeable about phones/networks so if you want any help with using a local sim for your mobile, ask him.

Supermarkets are normally open 7 days a week until about 10pm. 

Telephone and Internet

If you want to use your mobile phone in North Cyprus it is worth cosidering the purchase of a local Turkcell 0533 sim as this can be a cheaper alternative to your UK mobile and particularly useful if you need to phone local numbers such as local restaurants.

All apartments are equipped with Multimax wifi which is very reliable – except obviously in the case of a power cut!

Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and Pharmacies

There are lots of pharmacies along the main Lapta – Girne road and you shouldn’t have any problems finding one.  The nearest one to The Pines is just opposite the Starling supermarket.  Most of the pharmacies stock a range of products you’d find at home – although many antibiotics and other stronger medication are often available over the counter (without prescription).


More information to follow shortly


Dr. Munur Hudaverdi.
Sait Terzioglu,
Sok 1-Girne.
Tel: 0392 815 2327
Some of our owners have used this doctor a few times and found him very good and he won’t overcharge you or rip you off.